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Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 08•14

Well, well, guess who showed up?  Yep, almost all the parts arrived on time.  Even with J. Bell’s break-a-way run, the running game was less than noteworthy.  Penalties still were nine to many.  Suh needs to forget about the fore arm to the quarterback’s head move.  This one will cost him some $$$.  Next week’s game against the Vikings should be a repeat.  Notice I say  ‘should be’.  It will be a good test to see if the Lions can play consistent football week to week.


Why do I highlight the negatives?  Our Lion’s history is replete with great games followed by putrid performance against teams they were supposed to beat.  The play-off and championship games do not allow for ‘fool’s mistakes’ or reversion into old habits.  Lack of discipline in big games is the difference between celebration and those that hang their heads and wait for the 58th year of rebuilding.  A trip to the Super Bowl is beyond expectations, but legitimately not giving the game away in an effort to win is expected after all these years.


Bobby Lane is watching from somewhere!

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