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Slip sliding away into 66th year of rebuilding

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 03•22

Disappointment from the prior Viking’s game was humbled by our Lion’s display against Seattle. How do you score 45 points and still manage to lose? Well the Lions are adept at losing and let the Seattle score 48 points. This is not to say the Seahawks played a defensive gem by giving up 45 points.

All things considered, this game was entertaining. Over 1,000 yards of total game offence. For ‘entertainment’ value both teams sprinkled in timely penalties and a few missed extra point attempts. Kept you right on the edge of your seat waiting for the next surprise.

Now that early season optimisms has been obliterated, the search for ‘sacrificial lambs’ can commence. Picking a candidate involved with the defense tops the list. And will someone please identify the source of shifting playing modes from “playing to win” to “playing not to lose” which was evident in the first three games. Usually emerges in the third quarter of games. This includes the much vaunted ‘prevent defense’ that everyone seems to love. Let’s see, we have an inadequate defensive backfield so it is better to let good opposing QB chop off large chunks of yardage on the way to scoring vs chancing the ‘big’ pass play. See the difference in results so far?

On a positive note, Goff demonstrated he can play. Once he started throwing the ball rather than ‘passing’ the ball he was really dangerous. Would encourage him to not hesitate when he ‘checks down’ on his receivers and let it fly. It seems the hesitation gives the defense just enough time to adjust with predictable results.

As spasmodic as they seem, our Lions are going to be a troubling surprise for the rest of the season.

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