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The end of the beginning, again!

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 22•20

Well, well another re-run and the specter of another year of rebuilding. In the spirit of ‘truth in writing’, I only watched the first quarter and the last futile 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. The entire viewing time was done with the TV on “mute”. The phony ‘crowd noise’ is nothing but an insult.

What do the game stats tell us? Defense is horrible. Green Bay only generated 488 yds of offence. The key disparity was in the lopsided rushing 189 yards in the Packers favor. More disturbing was Stafford’s irregular passing performance. And, yes we still had the illustrious stupid penalties at critical times.

Personally, I do not give a ‘rats ass’ about player’s political opinions. Football is entertainment by individual who, as it has been said, won the genetic lottery of athletic ability but they are entitled to believe what ever they wish just as anyone else. Understand, your proselytizing of an opinion has no more weight than any other citizen.

The rest of the season is destined to be like an old re-run of a sitcom on TV. Been there and seen it before. Likens to the fabled ‘Chinese water torture’ Drip, drip, drip. More than Lion’s fan deserve.


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