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Fortress of pity

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 21•19

If any one deserves pity it is the faithful Detroit Lion’s fans. Recent games against the Vikings and Bucs were sordid examples of futility on display. With every season of rebuilding we’re subjected to another attempt to fit a ‘square peg’ of talent into a new/improved ’round hole’ scheme of thinking. Having watched other franchises rise from the ashes of dismal periods of performance into contenders seems to support the conclusion that top down overlay approach to 62 years of rebuilding does not work. Maybe a talented ‘generalist’ approach is warranted. And yes it would take a few more years to anchor key player positions.

The next hurdle on the Lion’s horizon is a successor quarterback to Stafford unless he is a clone of P. Manning or G. Blanda, which in today’s pro football is highly unlikely.

Seasons’ end is nearly here and we already know that our 63rd year of rebuilding will have the same ‘gurus’ in charge. May God grant us beleaguered Detroit Lion’s fans the fortitude to endure another season.

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