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2nd helping of ‘Turkey’

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 02•19

If you were not expecting much, the game with the Bears did not disappoint. Blough showed big improvements over the prior game. As evidenced by the Bears 400+ yards of offense, not so much the Lion’s defense. And the ‘ole reliable’ penalties at the most inopportune time remained entrenched as part of the game plan.

As expected, the Bears made adjustments in the games’s second half with no adaptation by the Lions. Surprise, surprise. And, the habitual, obvious flaw of settling for a field goal in the ‘red zone’ is still an Achilles’s heel.

Grizzled, die hardened fans will recognize, without exception, the oncoming blather of ‘peat and repeat’ about the future of the franchise based on our 63rd year of rebuilding is at hand. At least we have a few extra days to reconstitute our mental armor for the next outing of Lion’s style football.

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