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Bottom of the barrel; home sweet home.

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 25•19

It was a struggle but the Detroit Lion’s came through with flying colors. Look at the game stats and you could conclude the Lions won the game. However, kicking field goals vs scoring touchdowns, shabby special teams play, usual stupid penalties and of course an inexperienced QB made it all really innovative losing to a team sporting a 1-9 W/L record.

Oh, but hang on, we’re still fighting says the coach. Blah, blah, blah. Excuse the cynicism but this is not the fans first dance with disappointment. Prior ‘brain trusts’ were excoriated for mediocre .500 W/L records and now we’re supposed to ‘chill out’ and find comfort as cellar dwellers.

Detroit has wasted great performers at many positions and is on the verge of wasting M. Stafford. We all buy that this sport, by and large, is played by professionals who disdain consistent losing.

Maybe in preparation for our 63rd year of rebuilding, we look in the mirror and accept bold face truths that we require a functional defensive secondary, competent blocking offensive line, a strong running back and a no nonsense coaching staff.

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