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Condolence to those who watched!

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 20•19

Painful but predictable is watching the Lions flail away trying to pretend they are contenders. Kudos to Driskel who showed improvement over his previous game. Beyond that comment nothing much is left to say. The statistics speak for them selves. Your defense giving up over 500 yards of offense is a ‘death wish’ in the NFL.

Playing Stafford later in the season can make remaining games more entertaining but to what end? If the defense is impotent, risk taking on offense is optionally better than putting more lipstick on the old offensive pig. Offensively we’ve reached Einstein’s definition of insanity. Playing the same way and expecting a different result.

Time for accountability is at hand. Considering previous exercises of mutation, maybe we have not gone far enough in terms of breadth and scope of organizational change.

However, based on past performances, expect nothing more than superlatives, cliches, bromides of intent and salvation somewhere in our 63rd year of rebuilding.

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