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Maestro, cue up the requiem

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 04•19

What you saw is what you’ll get for the rest of the season. Stafford’s arm can not compensate for a lousy defense. Over 900 yards total games’ offense tells the entire story. Lion’s defensive effort made Radier’s D. Carr look better than average. Add in Radier’s rushing advantage and presto another valiant Lion’s effort added to the loss column.

Some of Stafford’s success was due to his receivers theatrics. But in the end even that could not save the game. Penalties were down but true to form occurred only when they could do the most damage.

Somewhere in the game aggressive play calling shifted. Most obvious was on the 4th down goal effort near games’ end.

This season’s die is cast so sit back and enjoy the ‘bonus’ wins when least expected and grit your teeth for the ones that will get away. Our 64th year of rebuilding is just beyond seasons sunset.

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