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“Ground hog day” Lion’s style-version #64

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 23•19

Yep, we’re on our way. The Viking’s game clearly exposed all you needed for affirmation of fears that ‘ghosts of years past’ are still alive and well in Detroit. The patented ‘Silver Sieve’ defense ONLY gave up 500+ yards of offense by the Vikings.

On the ‘almost’ positive side of hope, the Lion’s generated 81 yards of rushing offence. News flash! Cancel that optimism. A crucial injury negates all of the aforementioned hope.

Fast forward or backward, your choice, the ‘rebuilding’ for the 64th season has already begun. Peering into the looking glass we see acquisition and resurrection attempts of expired running backs combined with promises of future glories that will arise from the ‘hall of mirrors’ of draft choices and wizards of coaching changes. Such is the preordained destiny of the Detroit Lion’s. fans.

Lastly, emerging from all the lethargic murk is Stafford’s outstanding passing accomplishments. Really a ‘crying shame’ in perspective as he is bound to the Lions. As a comparative aside, take a peek and see where ‘stars’ from another Detroit sports team have managed to excel outside the Motor City.

Such as it is, we accept our burden as Lion’s fans to persevere and steel our selves for another cyclic saga of rebuilding toward the promise land of championships.

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