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Slip sliding away!

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 16•19

Ah here we go again. Do not be aggrieved by suspect officiating. Agreed, somehow the Lions accrue more than their fair share of bogus penalty calls. Now on to reality. Yes, Green Bay has a decent offense but the Lions allowed about 450+ yards of offensive production. Not exactly a demonstration of the Lion’s defensive prowess.

Let’s hope the coaching staff accepts reality that consistent winning does not involve faith is kicking 5 field goal. As a reminder, touchdowns produce over twice as many points. And without fanfare, the Lions do not have a ‘run game’. What is conjured up in the mind does not translate into rushing yards statistics. Let’s try a ‘wide open’ Stafford passing attack from start to finish. Yeah, there will be ugly ‘drops’, blown routes and errant throws but running up the middle on third downs is getting old.

Before closing, congratulations are in order for keeping possession of the ‘stupid penalty’ at ‘crucial times’ award intact. Yes, I’m talking about 12 men lined up on a critical Green Bay third down resulting in a penalty extending their touchdown drive.

Baring divine intervention, what we have seen thus far is revelation of future results.

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