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Don’t get carried away (yet)!

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 23•19

Gentle Lion’s fans,

A quick reminder that over the last 63 years of ‘rebuilding’ we have seen this train leave the station before. Yes, the Lion’s are undefeated so far BUT to many unanswered questions remain. Sunday’s game was won by Stafford’s passing. Just check out the ‘rushing stats’. Eagles offense was much more balanced. The Lions are still a ‘passing’ team offense. Well after efforts to ‘establish’ a run game expired, the Lions kept up the futility.

The Lion’s still committed silly penalties at critical moments. Some were refereeing errors going both ways. In addition the Eagles had a severe case of passing ‘dropsies’.

In summary, this game should have been over early but in true Lion’s style they failed to apply the ‘cup de grace’. Not to diminish the Eagles’s effort but having a games’ outcome hinge on a blocked field goal attempt and aborted ‘hail mary’ passes to secure a ‘win’ is not the way playoff teams work.

It looks as if we’re gearing up for a reality 8-7-1 season or die hard Lion’s optimism expectations of a 9-6-1 record.

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