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Chargers “out gift” Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 15•19

Ugly does not even describe this game. Your ‘bingo’ card of penalties would be a sure ‘coverall’. A premonition of disaster started with the missed PAT on the Lion’s first touchdown. Stafford’s time to throw was minuscule compared to the time Rivers enjoyed. If this performance was the new and improved Lions, get ready for a plethora of Lion’s game tickets in your Halloween bag instead of candy.

Missed field goals by LA were part of the gift package along with their 9 penalties that the Lions repaid with 8 penalties of their own. Lion’s defense only gave up a little over 400 yards to LA. Not exactally a stellar defensive outing.

The next few games are with way less forgiving teams so gird your loins for some tough sledding. On the bright side, our Lions avoided starting the season with a 0-0-2 record.

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