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Masochist are us-Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 29•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

It’s really hard to be a Detroit Lion’s fan without a masochist’s personality flaw. Sunday’s game against Seattle was made to order. Stafford did his magic for the games first score and then team ‘B’ showed up. Seahawk’s running backs must have been exhausted exploiting Detroit’s defense against their ‘run game’. No need to mention Detroit’s pathetic running game. All it produced was a lopsided time of possession. Ball control anyone? Wilson found the defensive backfield’s weak spot and ate them up.

Special teams were not to be outdone. Beside a kickoff fumble, the “creme de la cremes” was allowing Seattle’s punter to run for a first down when his original intention was to accept a safety. Brown paper bag anyone?

An 8-8 season now looks optimistic. Get ready for the shrill siren claim of the “final fix” is eminent with the ” insert your favorite” addition or hiring to emerge from the shadows preceding our Sixty First year of rebuilding.


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