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Lion’s Dolphins game

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 26•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

A very special family event prevented me from watching or listening to the game. The reason: my father-in-law was celebrating his 101st birthday. On the previous Saturday evening he was honored at the 2018 U.S. Navy Ball & Awards Banquet at the Motor City Casio. Retired and active ‘brass’ were in attendance and respectively participated in honoring Dad. On Sunday, his birthday, he was honored at a gala hosted at his assisted living facility with full honors from VFW honor guard and the city mayor. Truly days to remember by all the ‘kids’, grand kids, and great grand kids who participated.

Now the Lion’s game. The salient statistic was that Stafford made only 22 passing attempts. And out of nowhere, a running game finally showed up. Only time will determine if this was a fluke. Remember we’ve been down this road before. Seattle will be a good validation test.


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