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Prologue to our 60th season of rebuilding

Written By: marvinudy - Aug• 26•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Up front I understand that preseason football is not the ‘real’ thing. Last Friday evening as I am wont to do, channel surfing was in full mode. As curiosity won out, the Lions preseason game with Tampa confronted me. Yes, random viewing was involved for the first half and start of the third quarter but what was revealed could only be described by Yogi Berra. It was “Da Ja Vouse” all over again. Saving time and your exasperation, not much has changed from prior seasons.

Highlights(sic) included: Stafford running for his life, passes dropped, ugly running game, sloppy tackling, and pathetic special teams play just for starters. Coach Patrica’s ire was on display when the 1st string offence started the second half.

Stay tuned but keep your supply of Tums handy.


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