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“Ground Hog Day” performance

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 12•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Well, we’ve seen it before. Detroit’s ‘Silver Sieve’ defense allows an opponent to run up 400 yards of offence but the Lion’s passing game ekes out a win with Prater’s last second field goal. E. Ebron, aka ‘brick hands’ has a great game but managed a fumble and drop a critical 3rd down reception in a critical situation. Nothing to see here, moving on. Offence without a running game is like a two legged stool. Enough said.

The ‘good news’ is Stafford did not get the ‘crap’ beat out of him. Good strategy for a $28 million dollar investment.

As we stagger to seasons’ end be prepared for at least one more let down. It’s the Lion’s way of tempering fan’s eternal optimism. May the ‘Force’ be with us in our 60th year of rebuilding.

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