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Been here before and disappointed with outcome.

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 08•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Good game to view. First the positives. Time of possession was dominating. E. Ebron (aka “brick hands”) caught three passes and made some good blocks. Stafford did not have
to run for his life to many times. On the negative side remains some more of the same. Lack of a ‘smash mouth’ running game. Starting with ball on the one yard line and no TD is unacceptable. Abdullah suffers another bout of ‘fumble-lites’. Predictable play calling on goal line scoring situations. Failure to ‘finish-off’ opponent and alter their game strategy. Apparent prevent ‘defense’ at games’ end was not impressive.

Even though the Lion’s remaining schedule looks ‘soft’, never underestimate their ability to ‘play down’ to the opponents level. Keep your seat belt fastened and adult beverages nearby for the rest of our ride into our 60th year of rebuilding.

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