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Paranoia about the Detroit Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 11•17

Welcome back to our 59th year of rebuilding Detroit Lion’s style. Sunday’s game, December 10th, was a perfect example of the schizoid personality of the Lions. The first half of the game made me want to watch the Weather Channel covering hurricane Irma for a sanity check. Ever stupid penalty ever committed was revisited 2017 style. And yes, dropped passes remained a stalwart part of their offence. The potent running game was left inscribed on the chalk board for the next team meeting. For sheer creativity special teams were not to be outdone. Kick returns and punting both crashed and burned. However, in spite of offensive ineptness the defense managed to keep the game alive.

Whatever transpired during half time should be brewed and bottled for future use for the rest of the season. Execution miraculously became a functioning element of the game. In summary, donating 100 yards of penalties combined with 300 yards of opponents’ offense is not an overwhelming display of dominance. But with the Lions, take a win when you can get it no manner how it is earned.

Stand ready for next week to see who shows up; Jekyll or Hyde. Keep your Tums and ‘adult beverages’ handy for medicinal purposes.

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