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Fitting entry to our 59th year of rebuilding

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 08•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

This was a ‘stinker’ from the get go. Bile started gurgling up when Tate and ‘brick hands’ Ebron early on dropped sure passes. From there the down hill express to defeat left the station. No need to worry about containing Wilson’s running. Rawls shredded the Lion’s defense for ‘only’ 161 yards. Contrast this with Zenner’s combined output, run and receptions, exceeding 5 out of 6 Lion’s pass receivers. Notwithstanding, this had to be Stafford’s most miserable outing.

The only demonstration of Lion’s “excellence” was in the ‘stupid’ penalty category. Words cannot capture or describe the senselessness on parade. But as usual they were made to maximize negative impact at the most critical of times.

Lions, let’s stop with the ‘whining’ about the refs. You lost the last four games when destiny was in your hands. Maybe coach Caldwell might rethink his additional tenure of another year of Detroit Lion’s style of football.

Hang on Lion’s fans, the gentle breeze of hope wafts delicately in the air as we launch our 59th year of rebuilding. Until next season, this is marvinudy signing off and hoping we all survive long enough to watch a Lion’s championship team in action

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