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Jekyll vs Hyde football

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 25•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,
First a disclaimer. Due to a social committment, I was only able to watch the game’s first half. The outcome was never in doubt as I turned off the TV. As usual, our boys put on a performance not suited for those with a weak heat or stomach. How can you have a significant edge in time of possession and more than 167 passing yard vs the opponent and still lose the game? Check the ‘run’ stats vs GreenBay or can someone say ‘secondary defense’? Something is wrong when the ‘bright spot’ is that only four penalties were called but blunted by a 66 yard beauty for pass interference.

The Detroit Lions have two game plans: A- Score lots of points in the first half and allow the other team to dominate the second half and secure a win in a ‘thriller’, B- Score no or limited points in the first half and score lots of points in the second half to still produce a loss in a ‘heart-breaker’ effort.

For the sake of the fan’s well being, can we please have a game plan the combines the best of A and B in spite of the opposing team’s adjustments? It’s way to early to conjure up that ugly 59th year of the ‘rebuilding’ Zombie but with the Detroit Lions you can take nothing for granted. A few more of these spastic performances will create a splendid opportunity for a ‘half off’ sale on Detroit Lion’s paraphernalia at Sam’s Club.

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