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Welcome to Detroit Lions fantasy football

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 11•16

Ever inventive, the Lions used a blown PAT to create an opening for a loss. For reasons yet to be divined, the Lions seem to ‘back off’ every time they build a substantial lead. It drives me crazy. Yes, some credit must be given to the opponents for adjustments in tactics. A look at the Colt’s passing and running stats provide a glaring view into the Lion’s defensive issues. Yes, they shut down Gore but will face other teams with a significantly more potent running game. The glaring issue is allowing Luck to throw for 385 yards. Also, Luck had plenty of time to throw. Any opponent with a decent running attack will exacerbate the Lion’s weakness in the passing secondary. And, stupid penalties are still with us.

On the positive side, Stafford was not pounded into the dirt and made good choices on pass management. He could use a little more time to set up passing opportunities. Riddick proved his dual purpose as runner and receiver and is to be respected. Abdullah can be an asset if he remains healthy.

The game was way more exciting than it had to be. And a win is a win but don’t allow your expectations for the season to be contaminated by one game. The ‘ghost of seasons past’ still has a firm seat on the Lion’s bench.

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