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Only the Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 31•14

Blessedly, I only saw the ‘screwed-up’ punt returned for a Green Bay touchdown before boarding a three hour plane flight.  Saved a lot of consternation and agony.  Our boys in Honolulu blue trotted out almost every conceivable mistake possible in pro football.


The ‘Coup De Gras’ was Suh’s apparent flagrant stomping of Rodger’s leg.  He would have been better off just falling on him after he stumbled on the first step.  And now the single game suspension is lifted in lieu of a fine.  Sponsors probably figured with him out no one would waste time watching the game. Or, maybe the ‘bookies’ weighed in.

You have to admit the on-side combo punt-kick-off was pretty slick.  That tactic may have some ‘legs’.


Off we go to Dallas and what most likely is to be a stirring but brutal defeat unless the Lions shed their ‘Big Running Dumb-****” ways and somehow play a game befitting of a contender.


With the ‘Golden Boy’ Harbaugh returning to University of Michigan, maybe hell did freeze over and our 58th year of rebuilding will be the Lion’s fans salvation.




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