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Get ready for dashed hopes

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 22•14

Fortunately I was unable to see the last two games live on television.  Forced to wait for update ‘tweets’ and instant updates on the internet were much less stressful than watching the games ‘live’.  However, the summary for both games is that for two teams that should have been handily defeated were allowed to look respectable.  Where to start.  Stafford was ‘ugly’.  The pass rush was marginal.  Rushing offence was mediocre.  Penalties were still ‘stupid’ and timed for the most negative of effects.  Red zone efficiency was unacceptable.  These are the qualities of a team looking forward to the 58th year of rebuilding.

The play-offs do not have a ‘next week’.  Unless all the pieces-parts of the Lion’s team come together into a cohesive unit with continuity, the post season will be short and bitter.  The finally game with Green Bay would be a good game to matriculate into a contender.  Much to my chagrin, I see a cold and bitter winter just over the horizon.


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