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Post 64th season and 65th season rebuilding observations

Written By: marvinudy - Feb• 15•22

From the Ram’s perspective, the Stafford trade has been vindicated. Rams not only won the ‘big prize’ but traversed through good teams on the way to the Super Bowl. Die hard Lion’s fans knew this was destined to happen when high caliber talent was injected into an already potent scenario. Stafford provided a vicarious fulfillment of success for all the other great football talents that shriveled and withered in Detroit. He deserved his chance and he cashed in on the opportunity.

Now what did the Lions get? Goff is an average QB. Having reviewed several condensed ‘youtube’ game films of his performance as a Ram’s QB, opposing defenses learned and exploited his weakness of which did not ever evolve to compensate or overcome. This limits his overall scope as an offensive weapon. He is not the core of our 65th year of rebuilding.

Now comes the true test of finding and selecting talent for core elements of a rebuild. Detroit Lion’s history of drafts and trades are rife with misjudgments, miscalculations and buffoonery. Someone must have the savvy to find long term talent deeper down in the draft and trade well.

Goff is a one or two year place holder for the next long term QB. Numerous other positions on both side of the scrimmage line scream for talent in the upcoming draft, trading or free agency market.

After 64 years, fans no longer have the stomach to witness failure to execute under any circumstances. If team ownership can’t find managerial, coaching and staff expertise, then maybe it’s time for new franchise ownership.

As of now the ‘Grim Reaper’ is stalking war weary die hard Lion’s fans holding the line of optimism balanced on the sword of Detroit Lion’s redemption.

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