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Merry Christmas-Arizona style

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 21•21

What a difference from the previous weeks’ game with Denver. ‘Stats’ would indicate a close game favoring the Cardinals. However, “football gods” decided otherwise and implemented a complete role reversal. Arizona took every opportunity at critical junctures to screw up. Kudos to Lion’s offence and defense for not rejecting the blessed sacrificial offerings and injecting them into spaces where the sun does not shine. How refreshing.

This can be classified as a supreme example of how not to underestimate a wounded animal. Just like the movie, ‘The Replacements’, the outcome will long be remembered by Lion’s fans after the stink of an entire season dissipates. Credit is due to the coaching staff for putting together a disparate conglomerate of players to produce this type of outcome.

As an aside, marvinudy listened to remote regional live radio broadcast of the Vikings, Broncos and Cardinals games. Understanding that local team preference underlies live broadcasts, the stark contrast between condescension arrogance from the Viking’s broadcasters compared to Broncos and Cardinals was insipid and non professional. As stated in a previous blog, ” The mill of the gods grind slow but exceeding small”.

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