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Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 29•20

The bells tolling in the background are for the end of the Stafford era in Detroit. Our decimated Lion’s need to be put out of their misery. Matthew Stafford deserves a better outcome than dying on the rotted Lion’s vine. Maybe the Rams could use a seasoned QB?

The Buccaneer’s game was a splendid example for the need of a “mercy” rule in the NFL. Slice and dice was the order of the day. The Lion’s philosophy of putting a thoroughbred as leader of the pack supported by much lesser talent has to be changed. It has not worked for 63 years and will not make any difference in the 64th year of rebuilding.

Our seasons’ finally will, at best, be like watching the dying embers of every other year of rebuilding revealing the same old smoke and mirrors we’ve endured for 63 years.


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