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Detroit Lion’s ‘never world’

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 08•19

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Well here we go again. Another innovative way to make a loser team look good. Never one to let a game escape into the ‘win’ column, our beloved Lions continue to evolve.

For starters, we watch a rookie quarterback flounder on trying to pass down the middle. When he switches to slant pass patterns the defensive adjustment are minimal or useless. Oh yes, we have not forgotten the use of mental mistakes causing dumb penalties. Can someone please explain who or why a ‘time out’ was called when Stafford was still within the snap count on a crucial third down? The Cardinal’s defense was not touted to be highly rated but our Lion’s offensive line manage to expose Stafford to a few brutal hits. It’s a good thing his legs are still functional. If this flaccid protection continues he could be out by mid season. The rest of the seasons’ schedule against premier defenses could be extremely hazardously to his health.

A few positive aspects of the game were the exposure of a potential ‘north/south’ running game. The newly drafted tight end looks like the ‘real deal’. Stafford still has his arm. If you watched any of the Viking’s game you saw a preview of the reality of the ‘bright light’ in the schedule tunnel. And it is not daylight portending a rainbow into the playoffs.

A few more stunning(sic) performances like this and Matt will need more than a crutch to escape the dashed expectations of Lion’s fans and cement his place in the ‘Grave Yard of Lion’s Coaches’.


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