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Lion’s ship sinks with all aboard

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 04•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

The Vikings put an end to this seasons’ pipe dream of a ‘work in progress’. Little did we know that Stafford was put on a ‘run for your life’ or ‘eat dirt’ diet. The harbinger of futility was evident on the very first play of the game. How do you have a significant time of possession and still not out score the opposing team? Play Detroit Lion’s style football and let the Vikings make the most of every scoring opportunity. And yes Lion’s penalties are back in vogue and making sure they are scheduled to do the most damage.

The entire coaching staff looked like they were attending a funeral. Partrica’s facial expression and body language looked more like coach Bobby Ross who ‘threw in the towel’ early. Time to break out the brown paper sacks for all the souls that attend or watch games on TV. We’re watching the destruction of a great quarterback by and inept organization.

Well, it’s time to face reality and resume the position of our 62nd year of rebuilding.


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