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Green Bay gifts Lion’s win

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 08•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Well you saw the unbelievable. A vaunted kicker missing four field goal attempts and an extra point. Just a ‘small’ donation of 13 points on the scoreboard favoring the Lions. Thank you Packers. On the performance side, the Lions ‘only’ gave up over 500 yards of Packer offence. Rodgers had more time than Prescott during the Dallas game. Green Bay pass receivers ran around like squirrels trying to get open. Meanwhile the Detroit defensive rush was playing patty-cake with the Packers offensive line. Credit to the Detroit pass coverage protection.

Lions allowed 30 first downs and but manged to generate 16 of there own. How’s that for defensive ‘stopping’ power? Even though Green Bay donated and extra 50 yards on penalties, they maintained a time of possession advantage. “Stats like this are a contender do not make”, with apologies to Yoda. Take the win with a ‘grain of salt’.

Hooray for the ‘bye’ week and time for peptic ulcer to heal.


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