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Flirting with disaster Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 20•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Let’s hope a seasons’ luck wasn’t totally consumed on this game. Yes we won but what should have been a no ‘contest’ was turned into a stomach churning episode. Clearly, Jacksonville’s QB providing the Lion’s defense with two interceptions were made to order ‘gifts’. However, a very special thanks is proffered to Mr. Marks(99) for his very timely defensive encroachment penalty which allowed the Lions to continue their drive in a 4th down situation.

Now on to the self inflicted Lion’s wounds. Fourteen net yards of a run game for starters. First half dropped passes were frequent. Lack of defense to contain Jacksonville’s run game. The Lion’s Abysmal 3rd down efficiency. Deficient time of possession.

The six remaining seasons’ games are stocked with teams not known for charity. Detroit must put two halves of competent football together or we’ll all be consuming ‘adult’ beverages to fog over the dreaded coulda, shoulda and woulda syndrome. Stafford is talented but can only compensate for so much mediocre team execution as displayed in this game. The melodic refrain you hear in the background is not “The 59th Street Bridge” song but the Lion’s 59th year of rebuilding melody.

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