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Purgatory: Detroit Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 18•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

If you sat through this entire game you encountered a sense of deja vous when the Lion’s had the ball on Titan’s 1 yard line and settled for a field goal after consecutive penalties eliminated a possible touchdown. You knew dead certain the outcome. Perhaps the offense misplaced Jim-Bob’s play book and used a Lion’s oldie but goodie offensive scheme that includes: stupid penalties, dropped passes and other assorted mental brain farts. You just cannot give away 138 yards of offense to penalties. Stafford still had to ‘scramble/run’ to many times. Great way to shorten a QB’s career. Unfortunate injuries are going to further insure a dismal seasonal outcome.

The worst is yet to come as the season progresses. A season of 8-8 may be a stretch. J. Caldwell,can you hear the ghost of B.Ross saying “this is not the way I coach a football team”? An opening exists in Detroit Lion’s graveyard of coaches but you will be in good company.

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